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Privacy Policy

e-side, inc. provides the information technology industry in Japan with a platform for promotion, information exchange and industry-wide communication through the total design and management of seminars, conferences and promotional campaigns.

Our international event event activities extend this platform to a global scale.

Within the increasing scope of our activities, we strongly recognize the importance of personal information protection and its role in the continued development of a mutual trust with our client and user base.

e-side, inc. employs the following policy in managing and protecting personal information:

- all acquisition, usage and transfer of personal information is conducted under a fixed internal
administration structure for personal information protection.

- measures to prevent illegal access, loss, destruction, editing or leakage, etc. of personal information acquired and administered by e-side, inc.

- information is provided to third party service providers only under strictly contracted privacy policy guidelines administered by e-side, inc.

-the establishment and operation of our Compliance Program for privacy protection is based on and observes domestic law, standards and guidelines.

- our internal privacy policy, procedure and Compliance Program is subject to a regular review and revision process.

Hidekazu Arai
President, e-side, inc.

Contact us in regard to our policies on the handling and protection of your personal information:
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